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The Shop OF INDIA identity represents the unity of creation formed with five interconnected circles.

The sphere is the most perfect from that makes up the entire cosmos. The interlinked circles signify the oneness of life, and of Electronics, which is the basis of enlightenment


The significance of Electronics is a powerful one and holds deep meaning in diverse cultures.

The five circles in the logo can be interpreted in many ways...



To be a role model to all Electronics in India and globally, to democratize good quality products and build a good environment that creates socially responsible, balanced global citizens.



  • Our mission guides our quest to achieve our vision.

  • To have Pan India footprint across metros, districts head quarters and rural India.

  • To create an autonomous Electronics board that guides and mentors the shop, thus helping it emerge as the 'thought leader' in the electronics space.

  • To build a robust seller's training system and make them active partners in shaping the future of the shops.

  • To impart high quality electronics in multiple ways to all socio-economic shops and nationalities.

  • To design spaces that are sensitive to the needs of the customer and the environment.



While Selling about what is happening around the world, we, many a times forget to sell things about our own country. At shops OF INDIA our shopkeepers  are inspired from the rich legacy of India. An India that has contributed so much to the world and has been instrumental in shaping the modern world we see today. We celebrate everything Indian and instill a sense of pride about the country in your child. we help shape a strong shop so that each customer and India has a lot more to share with this world. We have adopted an integrated approach to build the shop of tomorrow. Respecting the unity of creation and the oneness of life, our shop environment is synchronized, wholesome and in harmony with nature. the customer will discover new things about electronics , everyday at Pixel electronics OF INDIA.




Message from the CEO

Special people make a special electronics. the success of a shop depends upon the cooperation of all the stakeholders. Inspired by the most efficacious practices that were prevalent in India and new methodologies that are breaking new grounds, we aim to nurture our customer who are part of a thriving satisfied community to reach their potential in electronics